Glass Bead – AC, AG Grit Sizes

Glass Beads will clean metal parts without etching the surface. Glass Beads are commonly used for automotive restoration, polishing of castings, stainless steel fabrication, and light deburring of precision parts. Glass Beads are most commonly used in abrasive blast cabinets. Its round shape gently cleans metal parts, leaving a smooth, polished or matte finish.


Low Dusting

Glass Beads are typically blasted at 60–90 PSI to achieve the most productive results. This lower PSI, along with glass bead’s durability, produces lower dust levels than most mineral or slag abrasives. Low dust levels improve the operator’s visibility of the work surface, increasing production rates. Lower dust levels also reduce cleanup costs on the work site.



Glass Beads are an environmentally-friendly and clean abrasive that is aggressive enough to clean and deburr parts, yet will not damage them. Glass beads can be recycled up to eight times or more. Abrasive blast cabinets provide the best recyclability rate.


Application Flexibility

Glass Beads can easily perform a wide variety of abrasive blasting jobs. Larger sizes can be used for the cleaning of automotive parts, castings, and deburring rough edges from castings and gears. Medium sizes are suited for blending surface defects and working with aluminum and stainless steel parts, providing a satin to matte finish. Fine sizes work best for light duty work and allow for fine detail work.

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