Stainless Steel Shot

Marco Stainless Steel Shot is a high quality, extremely long-lasting, cast stainless steel shot. Stainless steel shot can leave a surface free of contamination that causes rust. Stainless steel shot is excellent for achieving a smooth, shiny, satin-like finish and is commonly used for cleaning aluminum and other non-ferrous castings and forgings.

No Contamination

Blasting with Stainless Steel Shot will not promote ferric contamination or rust on your surface. This makes Stainless Steel Shot an ideal abrasive choice in applications where ferrous contamination is a concern.

Increased Production

Stainless Steel Shot’s high bulk density and high hardness results in more energy being transferred to the work surface than mineral or slag abrasives, easily removing mill scale and molding sand. Stainless Steel Shot’s uniform particle size provides consistent coverage and surface finish, increasing production rates.


The low friability of Stainless Steel Shot allows it to be recycled hundreds of times. Unlike mineral or slag abrasives, Stainless Steel Shot will not completely shatter when it hits a surface, keeping its relative size. Recycling Stainless Steel Shot increases profitability by reducing abrasive consumption, and shipping, clean-up, and disposal costs.

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