Walnut Shell – 812 (Coarse), 1220 (Medium), 2030 (Fine), 30100 (Extra-Fine)

Ground walnuts shells are a type of organic abrasive blast media used for cleaning.  Typical substrates are metals, fiberglass, woods, plastics and stone.  The walnut shells are ground to various sizes from coarse to extra fine depending on the application.  The walnut shells are used in the same manner as typical blast media.  Walnut shells are durable and can be re-used in many applications.  Walnut shells can remove matter from surfaces without scratching or pitting underlying material.


Specific applications include fire & smoke remediation, graffiti removal, brick restoration, automotive restoration and specialty petrochemical or offshore applications where a minimal sparking, non-ferrous abrasive is required. Walnut Shell will clean metal parts without etching or pitting the surface. Walnut Shell does not contain heavy metals or free silica. Walnut Shell is resistant to rupture and deformation, allowing for it to be recycled up to four times.


Low Dusting

Walnut Shell is typically blasted at 60–90 PSI to achieve the most productive results. This lower PSI, along with walnut shell’s durability, produces lower dust levels than most mineral or slag abrasives. Low dust levels improve the operator’s visibility of the work surface, increasing production rates. Lower dust levels also reduce cleanup costs on the work site.


Environmentally Friendly

Walnut Shell is a biodegradable and non-toxic abrasive produced from crushed walnut shells. It is low-dusting, can be easily disposed of, and it is non-hazardous. Walnut Shell is a minimal sparking, non-ferrous abrasive that does not contain any heavy metals or free silica.


Application Flexibility

Walnut Shell is a biodegradable and non-toxic abrasive that can easily perform a wide variety of abrasive abrasive blasting jobs. Coarse sizes can be used for stripping auto and truck panels, and cleaning delicate molds. Medium sizes are suited for cleaning moldings, castings and electrical parts. Fine sizes work best for light duty work and allow for fine detail work.

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