Why the UBS?

The Universal Blasting Station is designed to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your sandblasting operations. Our user-friendly system is intended for sandblasting companies that utilize portable blasting pots and operate on-site and mobile off-site jobs. The Exo-cage style skid allows for equipment centralization, equipment protection and easy transportation. Incorporating the Universal Blasting Station into your blasting operations, you will experience substantial cost savings, time and labor savings, worker injury reduction and reduced media wastage.  
  • • Save time and money
  • • Reduce potential worker injury
  • • Protect and organize equipment
  • • Easy mobility
  • • Multi-brand and pot size compatibility

How it Works

The UBS Pays for Itself!

On average, an employee will spend over an hour per day lifting 50 - 100lb bags, filling the blast pot, and disposing of individual bags. This costs your company time, money and exposes your employee to back, shoulder or other injuries. 1 hour/day X 5 days/week = 5 hours / week 5 hours/week X 52 weeks/year = 260 hrs. per YEAR! 260 hours of labor/year at $20/hour = $5,200 per YEAR

Saving Time and Money

  • Eliminate heavy and expensive individual media bags by switching to bulk media.
  • Designed for the use of 5,000 pound/1.7 yard bulk super-sack media.
  • Load a super-sack with a forklift into the UBS bin and blast all day.
  • No more stopping every hour to manually load heavy media bags by hand.
  • Save over 350 hours of labor per year!

Enhanced Safety

  • No more stopping every hour to manually load heavy media bags by hand, which can expose your employee to back, shoulder, or other injuries!
  • Multiple tie down locations make it easy to secure and safely transport the UBS when moving from one job site to the next.
  • Hose racks make keeping your work space clean easier - no more tripping on loose lines as you set up or clean up on the job site.
  • Helmet hook helps protect your investment - no accidentally damaging your equipment because you lacked proper space to store it.

Standard Features

  • Heavy-Duty steel exo-cage style frame
  • Heavy-Duty steel hopper for media storage with 5,000 Ibs capacity and easy release media valve
  • Electronic control mounting plate
  • Blast/Air hose racks that hold up to 100 feet per side
  • Fully blasted and powder coated black for protection and longevity
  • Can be used with any forklift
  • Tie-downs for transport between job sites

Technical Specifications

Dimensions L-54" x W-40" x H-65" (Skid) L-54" x W-40" x H-121.25" (Skid with Hopper) Weight 1017 Ibs (Skid With pot) 432 Ibs (Skid without pot) 304 Ibs (Bin without media) 1300 Ibs (Bin and Skid combined with pot) 732 Ibs (Bin and Skid combined without pot) Hopper Media Capacity- 1.7 Cubic Yards or 5000 IBS (max capacity)

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